Senin, 15 Agustus 2011


1.      Mrs. K asked them to pay the school fee in time.
They were asked to pay the school fee in time.
2.      Should we do the remedial test in a piece of paper?
Should the remedial test be done in a piece of paper?
3.      You must not forget to write your name.
Your name must not be forgotten to write.
4.      Are you speaking English during the English class?
Is English being spoken during the English class?
5.      She crossed the answers several times.
The answers were crossed several times.
6.      We have finished doing our task before other students.
Our task has been finished doing before other students.
7.      Will you be waiting for them all day long?
Will they be being waited for all day long?
8.      We celebrated the 47th anniversary of our school yesterday.
The 47th anniversary of our school was celebrated yesterday.
9.      They were having dinner when suddenly the stove exploded.
Dinner was being had when suddenly the stove exploded.
10.  The teacher had punished them for something they did not do.
They had been punished for something they did not do.
11.  We are invited for lunch by the headmaster.
The headmaster invites us for lunch.
12.  Many students are being given the English remedial test by Mr. T.
Mr. T is giving the English remedial test to many students.
13.  Was English being studied diligently by them last night?
Were they studying English diligently last night?
14.  This test has been being finished in 45 minutes by the students.
The students have been finishing this test in 45 minutes.
15.  Have they been being taught math by Mr. Good for three years.
Has Mr. Good been  teaching them math for three years?
16.  Has Mr. Fajar been showing them his new blog?
Have they been being shown his new blog?
Has his new blog been being shown to them?
17.  They do not ask her several questions.
She is not asked several questions.
Several questions are not asked to her.
18.  Has Mrs. Nanik been reading us another story?
Have we been being read another story?
Has another story been being read to us?
19.  Didn’t he tell you the school regulation?
Weren’t you told the school regulation?
Wasn’t the school regulation told to you?
20.  We are introducing him our pretty sisters last night.
He was being introduced to our pretty sisters last night.
Our pretty sisters were being introduced to him last night.

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